• tropic_magazine

    Tropic Magazine – Lauderdale Living and Design

    February 2012

    “North Beach Transformation”

    “…Vitalini and Corazzini chose to transform the entirety of Breakers Avenue into a linear park that would cater to local residents and tourists simultaneously…”

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  • am_builders

    American Builders Quarterly

    March / April 2011

    “Vitalini Corazzini Architects”

    “Modern design sensibilities melded with South Florida fair.”

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  • fl_architects

    100 Florida Architects and Interior Designers


    “Vitalini Corazzini”

    “If one compares two projects designed by the firm Vitalini Corazzini (VC), it may be difficult to tell both projects are from the same studio.”

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  • miami_herald

    The Miami Herald

    October 2010

    “Ambassador Bosh”

    “This is the time to build my brand and bring my voice to Miami.”

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  • miami_arch

    Miami Architecture: An AIA Guide


    “Vilasol, Vilazul, and Vilamur”

    “This fine trio of 6-story white stucco condominiums updates Miami Beach’s Fantasy Modern architecture…”

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  • real_online2

    The Real Deal Online

    March 17, 2010

    “New hotels sprout on South Beach”

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  • real_online

    The Real Deal Online

    March 19, 2010

    “Q & A with Luigi Vitalini, a Miami architect who says Florida hotels are becoming quirkier than that of New York”

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  • real_online

    The Real Deal Online

    March 19, 2010

    “Q & A with Luigi Vitalini”

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  • miami_med

    Miami: Mediterranean Splendor and Deco Dreams


    The Johansson Residence

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